About Us

Sense Tek LLC has two founders, John Meiser and Barbara Master.  With over 30 years of research and bringing together experienced teams of scientists, researchers, hardware and software engineers, marketing specialists, manufacturing foundries, and investors, Sense-Tek is helping new innovation to flourish in a time a great need.

Their vision is to help bring a consciousness to the world and make it a healthier place.  One way to accomplish this is to help make low-cost, sensor technology and tools available to everyone so that they can measure one’s personal and environmental health in order to live physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthier lives; individually and collectively.  The key to this vision is to collaborate, help promote, and be a confluence for investors and innovators.

If you have a product or idea in the health, home or environmental sensor technology area, let us help you bring it to market.

Our Mission..

…is to improve peoples’ awareness of their personal health and its dependence on environmental health by fostering the development of products that provide real-time biometric and environmental measurement technologies.

Whether it’s easy to use, wireless technology that continuously measures our personal health and environment (bio-metrics), smart-phone applications, or educational tools that improve our health, Sense-Tek stands as a central hub, bringing investors and innovators together in order to stimulate the formation and growth of green technology-based innovators and start-up companies.

Sense-Tek’s goal is to create a shift in everyone’s consciousness to promote and improve personal health and help protect nature, the environment, and the entire planet.  This will ultimately result in a better quality of life now and for future generations to come.

Sense-Tek Forum

Sense-Tek Group provides a platform to give life to new technology and ideas and brings them to the forefront of the sensor technology world.  This platform allows members to create a page about a product, join the forum, and interact with other innovators in the field.


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