Is there a green product you or your company has invented that can help people monitor or improve their health or environment? Sense-Tek is strategically allied with investors and marketers that can help bring your product to market.

Sense-Tek is especially interested in systems and products in the following areas:

  • PERSONAL HEALTH: Wireless, Bio-Metric, Sensor Technology
  • ENERGY: Smart Energy Management, consumer and industrial
  • ENVIRONMENT: Home & Work Environment
  • NATURE: Air, Water, Soil, Vegetation
  • INDUSTRY: Transportation, Fluids, Water Systems/Supply, Gases, Energy Accounting
  • EDUCATION: Educational Methodology, Edutainment

If you have a product or idea in the health, home, or environmental sensor technology area, let Sense-Tek help you bring it to market.

Please contact us for more information regarding our innovators program.


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